DynacoDesigns and The FM-3 Zone

We have merged Dynaco Designs and The FM3 Zone into a single site.

We provide the best audio products money can buy at a price anyone can afford. Our philosophy is: “A high end design with off the shelf parts is far superior to a mediocre design with high end parts.” This site was created to preserve and improve great sounding classic Dynaco equipment. Items sold here make the legendary Dynaco products better.

R. Waters is the circuit design Engineer. I’m the circuit board designer. Together we offer high end products that are within the reach of the DIYer. We hope you will enjoy building these as much as we did producing them. Most of the boards on this site come with silkscreen and solder mask. Everything on this site comes with documentation and email support.



Our interests are in improving the Dynaco and Audio community. All of the products presented are our designs unless otherwise specified. Ultimately, your positive response makes our work enjoyable.