I’m always here and will assist in the construction of your project. I have personally built, tested, and listened to all of the products offered on this site. I can (at the very least) give you some insight.

Thomas Dickinson is a good man to know if you are interested in upgrades, but not the work. He’ll do the installations for you at a fair, fixed price. He’s a good guy I’ve known for years who shares my passion for better sounding audio products and can be reached at

Herb Ward is a fine bench technician with a well equipped shop (shown above) for all of your precious equipment repairs. I’ve done a good deal of business with him and find him to be an enormous asset. He’s friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.  His contact information for any service or testing needs you may have is Tell him C sent you.

Finally, Engineer R. Waters designs the circuits and is available for consultation on a limited basis. If you have a design that needs conversion for use with a current production tube, you’ll find his talents useful. He can make a new design a reality as well. Or if you simply want something upgraded, “He’ll take a look at it.” Once he has a sense for the scope of work, he will either charge a flat fee for his services (so you know up front what the cost is), or will work out an equitable arrangement for more complex projects. This is currently a hobby for him; however, if you have an interest in his design services, I’ll pass the request along.