FM-3 Parts

Vintage and New FM-3 Parts

Here you’ll find the irreplaceable parts made for the FM-3. The list includes new replacements as well as vintage parts, carefully removed front tuners not in service. Shipping can be combined.
C1- Ganged Tuning Capacitor $19.95
C7- 2.55pf capacitor N2200 $1.95
C8- Ceramic trimmer $3.95
D71-74- Diodes $11.95 (Set of four)
L1- Antenna coil $4.95
L2- 3.9uh choke $3.95 (New)
L3- Mixer coil $5.95
L4- Oscillator coil $6.95
L5-L9- Heater choke $1.95 (each)
T1-T4- IF Transformers $9.95 (each)
T71-T72- 19 KC Transformer $11.95
T73- 38 KC transformer $19.95
PA509- Power transformer $39.95
Volume control-switch kit- $11.95
Tuning Dial Window $11.95
EMM801 $49.99